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At Rita's Dolls, great care is taken to create unique and collectable pieces to cherish and inspire for a lifetime.

Empowerment dolls can be used for visualization and goal-setting, helping individuals to stay motivated and focused on achieving their aspirations and cultivating confidence, resilience, and an empowered mindset. 

29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_16.jpg
29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_13.jpg
29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_12.jpg
29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_21.jpg
29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_23.jpg
29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_11.jpg
20210629_181008 (002).jpg
29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_18.jpg

About the Collection

Welcome to my professional Art Portfolio. One of my defining principles is establishing an open dialogue between form and function in all aspects of my artwork. Look through my work to see this in action, and get in touch for more information.


29.06.21_ Empowerment_Doll_Workshop_03.jpg


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