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This Empowerment Doll is designed as a wall hanging.

The inspiration behind the Cooking With Love Empowerment Doll is based on where the joy of cooking meets the power of positivity!

These dolls celebrate cooking and mindful living. Each doll is a whimsical reminder to savour not just the flavours on your plate but also the empowering vibes in your surroundings

Create an Empowerment Doll that resonates with your culinary spirit, and let the positive energy flow as you whip up delightful dishes in the company of these charming companions.

Embrace the art of enjoying every moment - whether it's the food you savour or the uplifting tunes that surround you. With our Empowerment Dolls, infuse your kitchen with creativity joy, and a dash of empowering charm!

These Empowerment Dolls are 37cm tall

This kit is suitable for children 7 years and upwards as it contains small beads and wire.

Cooking With Love Empowerment Doll Wall Hanging Kit

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