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The "Cooking with Love" Wooden Spoon Dolls are more than mere wall art; they symbolize the love and care we put into our cooking. Dressed in a patchwork of African fabrics and featuring wire arms with wooden beaded hands, these dolls radiate a unique charm that enhances any space. While they beautifully complement any room, they find their true home on kitchen walls.


These elegant, tall spoon dolls are as diverse as the love we put into our dishes, with each one being entirely unique. They serve as a reminder that meals are most delicious when infused with love and mindfulness. With their intricate attire and symbolic presence, these dolls celebrate the art of cooking and make a heartwarming addition to your decor, emphasizing the profound connection between food and affection.

Each kit contains a different selection of fabrics, not two kits are the same!

Cooking with love Spoon Dolls

£35.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price



    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom


    Material Material
    Suitable From Not suitable for children under 3 years




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